I started programming when I was thirteen and I haven't stopped since! I studied Computer Systems (Forensics & Security) at university and now I'm a software developer based in Nottingham.

I'm interested in mobile app development, especially Android. I primarily work in Java, but I've knowledge of C#, PHP, Swift, and HTML & CSS. I'm not a designer, but I keep up with Material Design and other mobile app design trends. I keep my code neat and refactor often.

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When I'm not developing, I enjoy cycling, reading fantasy novels, Nightwish, exploring the countryside near me, and watching movies. My friend Lauren is teaching me to play the violin.

Projects that I'm working on

I like to keep busy! Here's some of the personal projects I'm working on.

    My blog, where I talk about Android, programming, and projects.
  • Meridian Blue
    A fun space game that I built with my friend, Scott.
  • Lots of other bits and bobs
    Other apps and websites for friends and family.

Links to other people

Here's some links to people I know.

Say hello

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